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Caring for your children’s teeth

Experienced dental care in an environment like no other - designed to help keep your kids smiling
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Children’s dentistry: The facts

Preventive approach

Building healthy smiles. At Treehouse Dental we believe prevention is better than cure 

A fun environment

Like no other dental practice. Our immersive children’s floor makes dental appointments something to look forward to 


Building great habits. Our dental team works with children and parents to teach excellent oral care techniques

Paediatric specialist coming soon!

Your kids deserve the best. Where treatment is required, you can be sure their care is in highly-skilled hands

Cost of clear aligners

  • Single implant £xx

  • Multiple implants £xx

  • Full arch implants £xx

  • Teeth in a day £xx

    I have been a patient of Dr Laith Abbas for a cuple of yers now, and can’t speak highly enough of the care I have received. I have had quite a few dental treatments performed, and have found the environment to be calm, professional and friendly. Most recently, I was in agony with toothache over a bank holiday weekend and Dr Abbas came in to the practice on a Sunday to help me, and potentially this saved me having to have a root canal.

    Annabel W

    Making dentistry fun for children

    Are you ready for a dental experience like nothing else? At Treehouse Dental, we have created a dedicated space especially for children’s dentistry and we guarantee it’s like no other dental practice you’ve ever been to.

    Our first floor is the children’s zone, designed to make visiting the dentist a fun experience that they’ll actually look forward to… there’s no fear here! 

    We believe that dental care should be a lifelong commitment that starts during the early years. We encourage parents in Crouch End to bring children along from an early age, we even welcome babies at your own appointments where possible. This makes the dental practice a familiar place, helping to prevent dental phobia later in life. 

    Preventive care for children

    Our focus for all patients is always that prevention is better than cure, and this is especially the case with children.

    We know that creating excellent dental care habits from an early age is vital for lifelong healthy smiles. This is why our hygienists work with parents and children to provide interactive toothbrushing classes that instil excellent brushing techniques. 

    We have seen fantastic results from our young patients who have learnt to incorporate excellent dental health care in between their appointments. This means they require less, if any, dental treatment other than maintenance through regular dental check-ups and hygiene appointments. 

    We’d love to do the same for your little ones, book your appointment today! 

    Specialist dental care for children

    Of course, even with the most robust dental care regime, dental treatment is sometimes required.

    A paediatric specialist will be joining our team soon, offering a wide range of services to ensure that your children’s dental care is always in the best hands. 

    Just like all of our patients, your children will benefit from their own personalised patient journey. This is just another way we make the dental practice an enjoyable place for them to be from an early age. 

    We’re proud to do things differently, if you like the sound of it, join us at Treehouse Dental to discover how wonderful your dental experience can really be. 

    Dental implants: Frequently asked questions

    • Does dental implant treatment hurt?

      Although dental implant treatment is a form of oral surgery, it will be carried out under local anaesthetic so that you will not feel anything. You may feel a bit sore or tender for a few days after your treatment but this can be managed with over the counter painkillers.

    • Are dental implants safe?

      Absolutely. Dental implant treatment is well established and our implant dentists are highly skilled experts in their field. The materials we use are second to none and the aftercare we provide will help you to ensure your new implants last a lifetime.

    • How much do dental implants cost?

      Your treatment plan and cost will vary depending on your exact needs. Dental implants at Treehouse Dental in Crouch End start from £xx for a single implant, and £xx for our Same Day Smile service.

    • How long do dental implants last?

      Dental implants are a permanent solution to missing teeth. With the correct long-term oral health care regime in place, your new dental implants should last you many, many years. At Treehouse Dental we will suggest a maintenance programme to follow, helping to protect the investment in your smile.

    • Am I suitable for dental implants?

      If you have a missing tooth or teeth, you may be a suitable candidate for dental implant treatment. The first thing to do is to book a free dental implant consultation so that we can discuss your goals and assess your oral health and your jawbone density. Once we have a full picture of your dental health, we will be able to advise whether dental implant treatment is suitable for you.

    • How long does dental implant surgery take?

      Suitability for Invisalign treatment will depend on your own unique needs. Our specialist orthodontist will be able to advise whether aligner treatment is appropriate for you or whether alternative treatment would be more suitable.

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