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Green dentistry in Crouch End

Our dental practice has been built with sustainability in mind
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At Treehouse Dental we are committed to helping the environment

We care about the environment and our community.

We have made better choices throughout our design and our practices to ensure that sustainability and green dentistry is at the heart of everything we do. 

We like to ensure our dental treatments are as planet-friendly as possible, and our mission is to promote awareness and education of sustainability within dentistry. 

The X-rays we use are digital rather than traditional. Not only is this the most advanced technology, meaning less radiation, it also ensures no toxic chemicals are being used to process the imagery. 

We do not place any mercury fillings at Treehouse Dental and we have amalgam filters and separators installed, which ensures no mercury ever enters our water systems. 

We encourage our patients to use plastic-free floss and toothbrushes and we are an official partner of PARLA toothpaste – the most ethical and sustainable toothpaste on the market. 

We have joined a movement called Green Dentistry that helps us to make better choices for our planet. This is an online app that breaks sustainability down into bite-sized chunks and helps us to develop a greener practice.

Treehouse Dental - Efficient from the ground up

At Treehouse Dental, we designed our practice from scratch.

Not only did this mean we could create a purpose-built site that is the perfect environment to provide the best dental care in Crouch End, it also meant that we could build it to a sustainable specification. 

Here are some of the aspects we have incorporated:

  • We have used natural products for our flooring, which are organic rather than the traditional rubber used in most dental practices

  • Rather than plaster and other potentially toxic materials, we have used natural products in more than 90% of the build, including clay and limestone

  • Rather than paint, our walls have been covered with organic and chemical-free materials. They are absolutely beautiful too!

  • All lighting in the practice is efficient LED lighting

  • We use motion sensors in areas that are used less frequently in order to save energy

  • The heating in the practice is provided by very efficient systems, including heat pumps

  • All windows have been fitted to be as energy efficient as possible

  • We have installed energy-efficient hand dryers to all bathrooms reducing our need for hand towels and paper

  • Our clinical waste is collected by a waste contractor who also generates electricity during the disposal process.

We are proud of the space that we have created and we believe you will love it too. Why not join the green dental revolution and book your appointment with us today?

Saving paper

At Treehouse Dental, we know that using paper is a huge drain on our planet’s resources.

We only use recycled paper for our stationary and appointment cards, and these are used only when absolutely necessary.

We encourage all of our patients to be paper-free too. We can email treatment plans and information rather than providing printed material. We can also provide appointment reminders via email and text message too – we try to make everything as digital as possible. 

Of course, all paper and plastic packaging used in our practice is recycled, and we do not use single-use plastics!

Dental implants: Frequently asked questions

  • Does dental implant treatment hurt?

    Although dental implant treatment is a form of oral surgery, it will be carried out under local anaesthetic so that you will not feel anything. You may feel a bit sore or tender for a few days after your treatment but this can be managed with over the counter painkillers.

  • Are dental implants safe?

    Absolutely. Dental implant treatment is well established and our implant dentists are highly skilled experts in their field. The materials we use are second to none and the aftercare we provide will help you to ensure your new implants last a lifetime.

  • How much do dental implants cost?

    Your treatment plan and cost will vary depending on your exact needs. Dental implants at Treehouse Dental in Crouch End start from £xx for a single implant, and £xx for our Same Day Smile service.

  • How long do dental implants last?

    Dental implants are a permanent solution to missing teeth. With the correct long-term oral health care regime in place, your new dental implants should last you many, many years. At Treehouse Dental we will suggest a maintenance programme to follow, helping to protect the investment in your smile.

  • Am I suitable for dental implants?

    If you have a missing tooth or teeth, you may be a suitable candidate for dental implant treatment. The first thing to do is to book a free dental implant consultation so that we can discuss your goals and assess your oral health and your jawbone density. Once we have a full picture of your dental health, we will be able to advise whether dental implant treatment is suitable for you.

  • How long does dental implant surgery take?

    Suitability for Invisalign treatment will depend on your own unique needs. Our specialist orthodontist will be able to advise whether aligner treatment is appropriate for you or whether alternative treatment would be more suitable.

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