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Composite bonding – perfecting your smile in Crouch End

Dramatic results in just one appointment
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Composite bonding: The facts

Same day results

Enhance your look. We can help you achieve your smile goals in as little as one appointment

Tooth friendly

Minimally invasive treatment. Composite bonding requires no drilling, so none of the tooth structure will be removed


Sit back and relax. No injections or anaesthetic will be required as composite bonding is a pain-free dental treatment

Your dream smile

Achieving your goals. An ideal treatment for perfecting stubborn stains, chipped teeth, and gaps in your smile

Cost of composite bonding

  • From £xx to £xx per tooth

Crouch Hall Dental is great. Outstanding service and customer care, and really fast response when a problem needs solving. Friendly and approachable, the team almost make it fun to be there!!

Michael Baker

Your composite bonding treatment journey

Let’s discover your dream smile together

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Composite bonding is a very popular treatment because it is fast, affordable and offers dramatic results in one appointment.

It can work well as a standalone treatment, and it is very often used as part of a wider treatment plan as we find it to be a great way of adding those final adjustments that truly perfect a smile. Many patients opt to have composite bonding after teeth straightening treatment, and it also works well in conjunction with teeth whitening, too. 

Composite bonding works to masks minor imperfections such as:

  • Chipped teeth

  • Minor misalignments

  • Uneven spacing

  • Irregular sized or shaped teeth

  • Stubborn stains

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How composite bonding works

Following a cosmetic consultation where we have listened to your smile goals and understood what you would like to achieve from composite bonding, we will book you in for your treatment.

On the day itself we will be just as excited as you are, it’s amazing to see what a dramatic difference composite bonding can make to a smile! 

After thoroughly cleaning the area to be treated, we will apply a gel that microscopically roughens the surface. We will then use tooth-coloured filling material in a shade that perfectly matches your natural teeth. This will be applied in layers and sculpted carefully to create the desired shape. Each layer will be hardened with a light curing device. The final surface will be smoothed and polished to look exactly like natural tooth structure. 

All of this takes place in just one appointment, meaning you will leave feeling transformed on the same day.

Composite bonding: Frequently asked questions

  • How long does composite bonding last?

    If the treatment is properly maintained and cared for, we expect composite bonding to last around 5 years before it needs replacing.

  • Will composite bonding whiten my teeth?

    If you would like your teeth to be whiter, we would recommend a course of teeth whitening treatment prior to composite bonding. This will allow you to achieve your desired shade so that we can match the composite shade to your natural teeth. Composite cannot be whitened with tooth whitening gel.

  • Do my teeth need to be straight before composite bonding?

    While composite bonding can be used to mask minor misalignment, we may recommend teeth straightening treatment first. This will mean less composite material is required, achieving a far more natural and longer lasting final result.

  • Does composite bonding look natural?

    Yes. All of the cosmetic dental practitioners at Treehouse Dental are highly skilled perfectionists who are masters at creating beautiful smiles that look seamless.

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